Sabrina J.

Feb27th 2020

Five months ago I walked into Joint Effort with a cane. My knee was swollen, I was in considerable pain and lost hope. By the end of my first week of therapy, my pain diminished, the swelling was going down. By two weeks, I could walk without a limp and my leg was beginning to straighten. I have gone to physical therapy under the guidance of Rob and Gretchen three times a week since then. I felt so much better that when I visited the surgeon with my MRI, I was fully expecting instructions to finish my physical therapy with a clean bill of health. I was taken by extreme surprise when I was shown the picture of my knee without any cartilage. A knee replacement is inevitable and is scheduled March 4th. I feel supremely confident that PT I’ve received has strengthened the muscles around my knee. This will help ensure that the knee replacement well be successful. I will be walking through Joint Effort’s door on the road to recovery!